2021 Grand Prize Winner Calligrapher Saori

Belonging to A Norikane Daichino By projection mapping

Greetings from the President

Before watching this video, I would like to say a few words as the organizer.
This time, we are preparing to hold the "10th Japan Traditional Arts Special Commemorative Performance", which was adopted as a commemorative project for the reopening of the Tochigi Prefectural Cultural Center and also for the Tochigi Prefectural Cultural Program Local Project.
However, due to the influence of the new coronavirus, the event could not be held and I am really sorry that we could not meet everyone's expectations.
At the very least,we would like you to see the collaboration between traditional culture and contemporary art, which was the main project, so we will deliver a video recording the video recorded at the rehearsal and the performance of this year's grand prize winner. I hope you can enjoy the atmosphere alone.

Recruitment starts by awarding a total of 300,000 yen to the winners from the second time onward.Grand prize and special prize are given as a subsidized project.

2012Grand Prize
Special Award
Satomi Kurosu (Koto player)
Utsunomiya Kaisei Girls Junior high school Koto club
2013Grand Prize
Special Award
Gaisan-ryu Sotome Gaikou
Wadaiko Kids YURIKAGO
2014Grand Prize
Special Award
Utsunomiya Ishii elementary school Koto club
Sakura City Daidai Iwato Kagura Preservation Society
2015Grand Prize
Special Award
Utsunomiya Kaisei Girls Junior high school Koto club
Keita Tanase (Tsugaru Shamisen player)
2016Grand Prize
Special Award
Ashikaga YagiJuku Yagibushi Preservation Society
Tochigi Kanumashoko high school Nihon music club
2017Grand Prize
Special Award
Ashikaga Kabuki Executive Committee for Parent&child
Mido Taiko
2018Grand Prize
Special Award
Utsunomiya Youth Japanese Music Ensemble
2019Grand Prize
Calligrapher Saori (Special Award Not applicable )

Video distribution

Released in late March

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